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Could we see 50 shades of Emma soon?

Rumor has it that Emma is in talks to be star of the upcoming movie 50 Shades of Grey which is obviously based off of the recent hot selling book that every desperate housewife was obsessed with.  The other acctress that could take this role is Mila Kunis.  Either way, I think we will get to see some raunchy hot action from one of the two.  I think I'll forego the theatres and enjoy this one in the comfort of my own bed house.

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Emma Watson is one of the most sought after female celebrities online. Her innocent look and coming of age during her role as Hermione Granger in the wildly popular movie adaptation of Harry Potter. The beautiful brunette is fantasized about by men of all ages, and finding Emma Watson porn is the dream of any horny young man. Lucky for you, we have fantasy pictures of Emma Watson nude and doing porn - it's a beautiful day with technology these days! It's tough to tell the difference between real and fake, but often that's just what we want when jerkin' the stick to celebrity porn, right?

Emma Watson is from England and began acting for Harry Potter in 2001. We were able to watch the young star turn into a gorgeous young woman, and with womanly curves comes male fantasy. She has made over 10 million British pounds making Harry Potter, so this one probably won't be working in the adult industry. But lucky for us, paparazzi love to snap nude photos, upskirts and nip slips - so we're bound to get some good naked pics one of these days!

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Emma Watson has confirmed she is dating One Night Only singer George Craig, and even starred in the band's latest music video Say You Don't Want It. "I just really wanted to be involved somehow," she told Radio 1 about the Lady and the Tramp-themed video for Say You Don't Want It, which the two brainstormed together. "We were really pleased with it." The two met on the set of a Burberry ad campaign shoot and made their first public appearance at the Glastonbury music festival in England. When asked how long they've been together Watson says "We've been friends since [that] shoot," Watson told UK's Radio 1. "And when I was in the States, George was taking me through a lot of his music as he was recording it. I'm a big fan. I thought everything he did was amazing."

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A British man, John Cavanagh, is in some serious trouble after pleading guilty to 19 counts of creating fake nude photographs of Emma Watson. 39-year old Cavanagh photoshopped the actress's head on the body of an underage girl. Soon after the pics were uploaded to the net they were identified as fakes and discovered on Cavanagh's computer. There has been no sentencing as the case is at a standstill after Cavanagh dismissed his legal team.

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